Black to the Basics

What you are about to review is a revelation of nothing new; reality is as a matter of “fact” is a cry for freedom. These are records of “facts” revised into a plague of falsehoods, manipulating an entire society, deemed as necessary to correct said cry for freedom, which is anything but.

Truth is the only element that can free your soul. In Truth is clarity of creation and what we all desire. In the search for Truth, Black 2 the Basics is a guide. Its purpose is to perceive Truth, which assists the mind, heart and soul to allow freedom to ring. Power belongs to the PEOPLE. The devil is the one who devalues life, as many have and will claim the devil made them do it. The devil’s reply will be, “I made you do nothing, I just called your name and you came”.

This new book by Ambassador Poet Dr. San Man debuted at his appearance at the Black Heritage Festival 2022.